I am an Assistant Professor of Decision Sciences at IE University. 

I have spent the past 10 years working on decision science and prediction. My research has received support from IARPA, NSF and Founders Pledge, and appeared in outlets such as Management Science, OBHDP, AAAI, Neurology and Psychological Science. My popular writing has featured in Scientific American and The Washington Post. 

After earning my PhD in psychology & decision processes from the University of Pennsylvania, I spent 3 years as a Postdoctoral Scholar with Philip Tetlock and Barbara Mellers at the Good Judgment Project (GJP), the winner of the IARPA ACE forecasting tournament. At GJP, I led research & development projects on prediction markets, talent spotting, aggregation algorithms and predictive training. I then spent a year in Fintech project management, developing a robo-advisor front-end to a global macro hedge-fund engine.In 2016, Regina Joseph and I co-founded Pytho, an R&D and consulting boutique. We took part in the top-performing team in the IARPA-sponsored Hybrid Forecasting Competition, where I focused on statistical aggregation algorithms. At Pytho, we developed Human Forest, a patented method and software for crowdsourced reference class elicitation and prediction. We are testing Human Forest with NSF support, and are developing research, non-profit and commercial applications of the technology. I have also worked on projects with collaborators from McGill University, Fordham University, the University of Pennsylvania, the Chicago Fed and others.  

In my spare time, I enjoy election betting, long-distance running, flat whites and pointy puns.